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Motivational Video Coaching

Coaching in your inbox and resources for working at home

Motivating, energizing, and inspiring tips while working at home.

Your monthly subscription includes:

  • Learn tips for motivating yourself and family
  • How to show grace in the face of fear
  • How to be a leader in your own home
  • Keeping spirits up
  • Getting out of a rut, and
  • How to have happy and productive time together
  • Weekly video in your inbox
  • Access to a member, group forum with additional resources
  • Donated subscription to person in need or disaster worker

Monthly Subscription

Motivational Video Coaching

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Videos include targeted and timely weekly tips that inspire healthy habits! These include practices for keeping yourself energized, demonstrating uplifting leadership in your home and work, thriving in the face of stress and challenges, and caring for others through contraints, for example. These videos are created to bring support to everyday people and the things they deal with in their week.

With your subscription, you will receive access to our member-only platform with links to additional resources and motivating, engergizing, and inspring activiities to support you in bringing out your best for yourself, your family, and your job!

What's more with your subscription, you will provide a second subscription FREE to a person in need or a frontilne disaster worker. Through your monthly subscription, ExecIntel Solutions, LLC will donate a montly subscription to a person who has lost their job, a healthcare worker, or someone who experiencing food insecurity.

With your subscription, there is no contract and you can cancel at anytime.